60 SECOND Tech Round Up 3/14

Google has finally killed the CAPTCHA! The annoying hard to read text that you had to type is now gone. They launched Captcha back in 2009 to prevent websites getting overloaded by bots. In 2013 they created a new system that let you just tick a box that read I’m not a robot. If the click seemed suspicious then they would make you answer a few visual questions. Google will now automatically check traffic in the background. Will you miss the CAPTCHA? We won’t!

You should probably backup your iPhone before you upgrade to iOS 10.3. The new update swaps from the 29 year old file system (HFS+) to a new Apple File System (AFS). If you don’t backup your data then if anything goes wrong during the transition then it would mean that you would have to go back to the old file system-and that means reformatting your drive as the two are not compatible.

That’s all the tech news in just 60 seconds.

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