5 Tips to Increase Your Smartphone Battery Life in 2017

Samsung Galaxy S7 Increase Your Battery Life

Since the introduction of the smartphone, people have been consistently struggling with the same problem; battery life. Since we all use our smartphones on a daily, and for most of us, hourly basis, the issue of consistent battery life is a big deal for the consumer. We all want the most power for the longest period of time. Some of us use so much power that the purchase of an external battery, or a battery case for our phones is a must have.

Considering this fact, here are some tips to get the longest life out of your battery:


  1. Run your device until it turns off 2-3 times a month, and below 20% at least twice a week.

This portant because batteries have a memory. That sounds unusual, but the anger your device is at 100%, the more your battery develops a memory for that charge, and the resulting effect is decreasing battery life.


  1. If your device supports quick-charge, turn the feature off.

A lot of Android companies now have a feature that is termed “quick-charge”. While this feature is very nice, it’s very hard on both the processors and the battery’s overall life, and can significantly shorten your phones battery life.


increase iphone battery life 2017

  1. Avoid low-power mode as much as possible.

Low power mode has been a feature for some time now. It’s function in essence is to turn off everything your phone does automatically and make it so you have to do it manually (it also does some other features we wont go into). The problem is that the more your phone is on low-power mode, the less effective low-power mode is. Your phone develops a memory for low-power mode, significantly decreasing its effectiveness.


  1. Avoid using cables that are not from your manufacturer.

More specifically to Apple users, but in a lesser degree to android users. Apple’s cables that you receive with your device are adaptive. They recognize when your phone is completely charged, and cut the power by 2/3rds so it’s just enough to keep your phone fully charged. Cables form other manufacturers will work fine, its just not a good idea to use them for overnight charging when the phone will be at 100% for an extended period of time on the charger.


  1. Use battery cases sparingly

If you’re the type that uses a battery case, make sure your battery case is only charging the phone after you have run it down, not running the phone on the cases battery and then the phones.


These are the easiest and most effective ways to keep your devices battery at an optimal level for the longest period of time!



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