All About Drawing Tablets!

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So some of you may know what a drawing tablet is and others of you may be as clueless as I was back a few months ago when I discovered them.

So as the name applies it is a tablet of sorts with some kind of drawing feature. How it works is it is a tablet that plugs into your computer and you use a special pen/ stylus to draw onto it using a program you can download. These programs include softwares such as Gimp, Smooth Draw, FireAlpaca and many, many more.

Here are some pictures of different types of drawing tablets:

As you can see there are many different types of drawing tablets of all different shapes, sizes, prices and accessibility meaning some are much easier to use than others.

Personally my favorite drawing tablet is the Monoprice 10 x 6.25-inch Graphic Drawing Tablet (4000 LPI, 200 RPS, 2048 Levels) (pictured above).

This drawing tablet is easy to use for a beginner in graphic design or even if you just want it to be able to draw on your computer and without wasting paper. This drawing tablet is priced around $50 (U.S. dollar) and is great for whatever need may be. Personally I use my tablet for drawing on Smooth Draw, branding on FireAlpaca and doing some touch up on photos using the programs Fotor and Canva.

The monoprice tablets features 8 preset buttons, those being; the back button, the eraser button, the pen button, the zoom in button, the zoom out button, the pen size up button, the pen size down button and the mouse/ cursor button. Along with the preprogrammed buttons the tablet features 16 programmable hotkeys, these hotkeys can be programmed to whatever you want easily. The pen that is included with the tablet is powered by a single AAA battery and has three buttons; the power button and two programmable buttons. The felt tip features pressure sensitivity which is good for sketching and getting a real drawing like feel.

That is just a review of a lower-end drawing tablet. There are many more drawing tablets with many more features including tablets with screens that can be used to trace by picking up to screen (which is connected to a hinge) and placing a paper of whatever you want to trace underneath. This kind of feature is good for branding especially for people who like to draw with pencil/ pen and paper, this feature makes it much easier to transfer your drawing over to a vector program (I will talk more about vector programs later in the article). There are also drawing tablets with built in screens so you can see what your drawing without having to hook up to a computer and monitor.

A vector program is a program used to turn your sketch or idea into a logo or other type of branding material. There are many different types of vector programs including adobe, inkscape, gimp, FireAlpaca and many, many more.


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