Android or Apple? What’s the Difference?

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Ever since January of 2007, companies have been fighting over the market for smartphones. The big question is, does it really matter which phone you have? And what are the big differences between Apple and Android? In January of 2007 Apple introduced the iPhone. It was revolutionary, innovative, and the coolest gadget to have. That is until November of 2008, when the G1, the first android phone launched, and ever since then theres been what some would call ‘war’ over which system is better. Lets break down the two different systems and see what the benefits and negatives are to each, because the majority of people nowadays are just getting the phone that is the best deal with their carrier, not because of the OS the phone is running. I should also state that this article will be looking at the Operating Systems only, not device features (such as cameras, water resistance, wireless charging, etc).

Android 7.0 Nougat

Lets start with Android. The most popular OS in the world is definitely most popular for a reason.



  1. Customization
  2. Expandable memory
  3. Open app store
  4. Many companies and devices to choose from
  5. An arsenal of accessories



  1. Open app store can cause security issues
  2. Not very easy to learn for a first time user
  3. Inability for device continuity
  4. inconsistency in device quality by company
  5. customer support and service


Androids biggest appeal to the market since its entrance in 2008 has been user customization. Through the coding and the wide array of widgets and app available on the Google Play Store, Android has claimed the title for personalization of your device. And since Android is an open system, anyone can run it on their phone, as long as the device is poweful enough to run the OS. The biggest drawback for android is also its biggest benefit. Due to the openness of the system, which allows for personalization, the google play store is available to anyone who wants to design and publish applications. This makes it easier for young people who are learning how to design and code application to publish their applications, albeit it also means that android devices are also more susceptible to security breaches.

Apple ios 10 message tapbacks
Now lets take a look at what Apple brings to the table, and what has made them the largest information technology company (by revenue), the largest technology company (by assets), and the second largest mobile phone manufacturer.



  1. Customer privacy
  2. Continuity across all devices
  3. Very user friendly
  4. Consistent device quality
  5. Unmatched customer support and service



  1. Price
  2. Very few personalization options
  3. Non-expandable memory
  4. Only 5 models to choose from
  5. Price


iphone 7 plus back side
Apple’s biggest advantages that it brings to the table are customer privacy, and device continuity. Apple has always sought to keep its users information where its the safest, with the user. Apples devices do not store any personal data on the cloud, or anywhere else but the device unless dictated by the user. Its app store is also restricted, with apps having to meet Apple’s security standard before being allowed onto the app store. Continuity across devices is also a huge factor. Since Apple runs their OS on its mobile devices as well as its computer systems, it has been able to make them work seamlessly together with unmatched efficiency. Apple’s biggest drawbacks have always been lack of user personalization, and price. Since Apple has such strict security on their app store and coded into iOS, its user customization is significantly limited. Price is also what scares a lot of people away from Apple. Prices of devices from Apple are significant to say the least. I personally own an iPhone 7 Plus (the 256gb model), and that ran me over $1000. So price is an issue that definitely plays a part in this debate.


So if you’re the type of person who likes user personalization, hundreds of devices to choose from, and a massive array of accessories, Android will more than fit your lifestyle and needs. But if you’re the type of person who values seamless integration, personal privacy and unmatched customer service, Apple will be well worth your money.


Regardless of your decision, your technology choices say something about who you are and what you value most about your device.


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