Apple AirPods [REVIEW]

AirPods 2


They look like a pair of Apple ear buds with the cord cut off and a little fatter. The Air Pods stay in your ear very well, I couldn’t get them to fall out while shaking my head, running, or any other tests that I tried. They were surprisingly smaller than I expected and very sleek.


The battery lasts about 3 hours. With the 15 minute recharge time there is rarely a time that you are without them. The case can keep the Air Pods working for about 24 hours without needing a recharge. I tend to charge the case about every other day and I listen to music for about 5 hours a day with them.


The sound performance is pretty good. They sound better than Apple ear buds but not as good a higher end pair of headphones like Bose ear buds but you also have no wires unlike any other headphones. They have surprisingly good base. They get way louder than any wired earbuds I have tried.


My favorite feature is the fact that they pause your music when you take one of them out of your ear. They can either play or pause your music or activate siri when you double tap the Air Pod. They are very easy to pair with a iPhone. All you have to do it turn on bluetooth and open the case with it next to the phone then tap connect.



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