Apple Macbook Air: Should you buy it in 2017?

Macbook Air on desk

Well Yes and No. While the apple macbook is well built and powerful. It’s an elegant and sleek looking notebook with that gorgeous apple logo that lights up, it lacks some of the features that are required in a laptop in today’s era.

So who is it actually for?
This notebook is for Students most importantly, coders, nonprofessional light video editors, daily usage like watching movies and web browsing and of course Apple fans.

Who is it not for?
This notebook is absolutely not meant for Professional video editors, Gamers and Retina HD display lovers.

Overall Ratings:

Display: 6/10

Performance: 8/10

Battery: 10/10 (nothing better can be expected)

Design: 9/10

Keyboard and Trackpad: 8/10



The macbook air to me is holding up really well. Although I sometimes miss the gorgeous retina HD display but it is not a deal breaker. Viewing angles are not at all good. It’s a TN panel. Moreover its resolution is 1440*900p. But this harsh step has been taken by apple to preserve the 12 hour battery time which I guess is the purpose of this notebook. The performance is more than sufficient for a normal user. Its powered by a 5th generation intel core i5 processor clocked at 1.6GHz which is enough for all your daily needs. And the macbook air has been upgraded to 8 GB of RAM which is again enough. Although I mentioned abouve that this notebook is not for gaming but you can play some of the popular titles without having an issue. However if you bump up the settings you might experience some lags. Surprisingly the macbook air holds up pretty amazing in basic 1080p imovie projects. It does not have to struggle through Full HD footage and handles it with ease even on battery power. And if you are switching from a windows notebook you are absolutely gonna love the experience.



The software and hardware integration of apple is the best. No company on earth has been able to do that as good as apple has done it in its entire range of products. The software is designed to use optimum power for a particular task. And that is the main reason apple has been putting smaller batteries in their devices and they still hold up pretty well.



Speaking of battery, this machine is fitted with a freaking 12hour battery backup time. And this has been tested not only by me but everyone who has bought this notebook till date. However heavy usage might give you less than 12 hours but on the other hand normal and light usage gives you the advertised amount of time on battery. The charging time is pretty great too. Goes from 30% to 100% in nearly an hour and a half. This makes it THE NOTEBOOK OF CHOICE FOR STUDENTS.

apple macbook air side


Coming to the Design. Apple’s products are the best looking things on the market. Seriously, apple should take part in beauty contests. The Mr. and Miss Gadget Award definitely goes to apple. Its slim, compact, durable, portable and the glowing apple logo….OH MY GOD…The keyboard is traditional with no butterfly mechanisms. Has an excellent travel. Backlight is also decent, although it does not have individual led’s but you are not even going to notice it. The trackpad is the best in class. Offers a wide range of gestures. Unlike the windows laptop trackpads it is fairly accurate and does not miscount your fingers while performing gestures.



Finally, is it worth spending?? Yes, absolutely. If you are any of the category 1 person you should consider this notebook. And if you are a first time mac user you should definitely go with this machine as this is a perfect blend of Power, Battery, Portability.

The macbook pro would be meant for other power hungry professionals. And the macbook 12inch would be underpowered and would cost you a Kidney.


  1. Not worth it. I’ve been a mac user since the early days of Apple, and by comparison when it comes to hardware, there are more awesome cheap devices from other companies like a 2-in-1 tablet/laptop.

    • Yes and no. While its true that by comparison, a MacBook pro is much more powerful, the MacBook air is for users who do not use much computing power (i.e. writing, web surfing and emailing). The biggest advantage as this article points out is, of course, battery life. There is still not another notebook on the market that can compare with battery life. As far as 2-in-1 laptops go, they’re very nice for those who use them, but the MacBook air isn’t and wasn’t designed to compete in that market, the iPad pro 12.9″ was. The MacBook air is designed to be a laptop and nothing more. if you want a 2-in-1, buy one, but thats not what the MacBook Air is for. As far as computing, you’re right, its power statistics aren’t mind-blowing, but they’re not designed to be. It’s a laptop that’s designed to work, and provides enough power for the people that use them. Some people just want the OS X operating system, and the MacBook air is the cheapest way for them to get it in a laptop form. The MacBook air is certainly not obsolete, it’s just not designed to be the insanely fast gaming computer that everyone apparently wants it to be. If you want that, buy a MacBook pro. If you want a 2-in-1, buy an iPad Pro 12.9″ with its keyboard.


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