Apple March Event 2017 – RUMORS Roundup

apple march event 2017

It’s a new year for Apple and their March event is round the corner. There has not been an official announcement by Apple about the march event yet, but most of the predictions say that it’s gonna be there soon. Now, there are many rumors about what can be expected and what not, so let me break it down for you.

The March event mainly focuses on the iPad lineup and some minor iPhone upgrades. And thats what is gonna happen this year too. The iPad family may see a new member this year and it will be the major highlight of the event. The new iPad is rumored to have a 10.5″ display keeping the overall size same as that of the iPad pro 9.7″. Let’s take a closer look at what we are expecting with the iPads:

1.  iPad Pro 7.9″

Apple probably will bring the pro series to its 7.9″ iPad. The new 7.9″ may no longer be called as the “mini” and is expected to have some major bumps. If this is true, the iPad 7.9″ will feature 4 speakers as they are in the other pro models, a true tone display which adjusts according to the ambiance, a true tone flash, a 12MP camera, and also a smart connector with 3 pins, seen in the bigger pro models.

2. iPad Pro 9.7″

This iPad will only be receiving minor spec bumps as apple might want to keep it as a budget friendly option in this size range. It might get faster clock speed and not much is known about what apple would do with this. Also the apple’s A10X chip won’t be coming to this as that has been reserved for the 10.5″ iPad. The design shall remain the same.

3. iPad Pro 10.5″

Apple might have really big plans for this one as they are fitting a bigger and better display in the same form factor as the iPad Pro9.7″. This iPad will have a far better resolution than the other iPads and will feature an edge to edge display. Also the display will be taller leaving no space for the home button. And this part is very unclear as to why apple would ditch the home button before the launch of the new iPhone. Other than that the new iPad will also feature the A10X chip which is really fast and powerful. A camera improvement is also on the cards and this model may have the same camera that is  on the iPhone 7, it could also have the same camera bump. The flash will still be the true tone flash. All in all this could be the new Flagship.

4. iPad Pro 12.9″

This iPad will also feature the A10X chip and will be insanely fast as the previous iPad is amazingly fast and powerful. This iPad will also be receiving the true tone display, better camera and a true tone flash.

Somethings are common to all the iPads. All of them may receive a display with wider color gamut as apple has already done it with their macbooks and iPhones. All the iPads can receive 4 microphones for better video recording. We may also see some black iPads as the black iPhones were a huge success. And the most important, we might also get a new Pad OS as the ipads are really powerful and the iOS doesn’t fully utilise the power and the bigger display. if the iPad gets its own OS that would make it a huge deal as you get to have more output from the device, but its not sure if apple will do that now or in the WWDC June event.


Now, for the Apple Pencil. We might get to see Apple Pencil 2, although not much is known about what apple will do with it next.


The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus may receive a red colored variant to support the AIDS community. The iPhone SE is also rumored to get a storage bump of 128gb. That would be pretty much about iPhones as apple will host a special (very special) event for that.

Finally, there are some rumors that the macbook air might get upgraded this time. All these are based on price slash by Best Buy just before the apple event as they might know that a new macbook air is coming and might get rid of the old stock but its very unclear. The notebook may finally get a retina display and new Skylake or Kabylake processors and a force touch trackpad. But this part is highly unlikely as the 13″ Macbook pro was advertised as a highly portable machine which was compared to the Macbook Air a couple of times, so apple might have replaced the macbook air with the 13″ Macbook pro completely and this lineup may soon die.

There is still no word on Mac pro and iMacs (Bummer).


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