Apple TV Shows? 

Apple Music has been a competitor in the music streaming market for a little over a year and a half, competing with Amazon Music, Youtube Music, and Spotify. Their entrance into the music streaming realm was rather large, growing to 20 million in December of 2016, just 15 months after introduction. The plans they offer are virtually along the same lines as Spotify Premium; $10 a month for an individual, $5 for College students, and $15 a month for a family membership. The most recent update to Apple music has been rather surprising. Apple has announced that it will be premiering two TV shows by the end of the year, which are included in each members membership.

The first TV show is named after, and is a spin-off of a short skit that was introduced on the Late-Late-Show hosted by James Corden; Carpool Karaoke. The show will be a full length episode, featuring parings of celebrities that share a car, sing along to playlists, and embark on adventures.

The second TV series they will be releasing is called Planet of the Apps. This show is a version of Shark Tank, but geared specifically towards app developers. Developers will get the chance to present their apps that they have developed to a group of possible investors for the chance to partner with them. If the guest is successful in acquiring a investment, the show will then follow their progress with their selected investor.

These two shows, while being spin-offs, and what some might not call “original” ideas, are definitely ones that have serious potential. The introduction of the short skit “Carpool Karaoke” was an instant success, various episodes having over half a billion views on youtube. As for Apple’s take on Shark Tank, that promises success as well. After season 3, Shark Tank has been consistently in the top 100 ratings. Looking at it from Apple’s point of view, these shows aren’t necessarily to hook people into purchasing an Apple Music subscription, more of a added benefit, but not a make-or-break as far as subscriptions go.

That being said, their first two shows they have chosen to premier are very ‘safe’ shows, being that it is almost guaranteed that they will be success. Taking it all in, if you’ve already purchased an Apple Music subscription, the addition of these two different shows is a nice feature, and welcome bonus. If you haven’t made the switch over to Apple Music, its not a deal breaker, but certainly increase the attraction of switching.



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