Thursday, December 13, 2018

Amazon Echo Show – everything you need to know.

The Amazon Echo show has been announced and it is a brand new Alexa enabled device in the Echo family made by Amazon. It is available for Pre-order and starts shipping on the 28th of June for $229.99. Echo Show brings you everything you love about Alexa, and now she can show you things. Watch video flash briefings and...

The Best Budget Smart Bulb? TP-Link Smart Bulbs (LB130)

TP-Link has released a range of smart bulbs and after having them for a few weeks now, let's see how I got on with them…  Features The TP-Link Smart Bulbs have lots of good features - considering the low price of around $45. Perhaps the most notable feature is the fact that these bulbs do not require a separate hub, this...

Sonos Playbase Speaker [REVIEW]

Sonos is an American Company which develops most unexpected Sound System from 2002. But as we all know its 2017 year of most awaited gadgets the Sonos Company is not behind they introduce its new speakers Sonos Playbase and its Awesome!! Why? Let’s check it out. The new Sonos Playbase is not an ordinary speaker other than that it’s a...

Are WeMo Lights Worth Buying in 2017?

WeMo Lights 2017
With multiple competitors and a hefty price tag, are WeMo lights worth the cash? WeMo Smart LED Bulbs are a LED WiFi connected light bulb that are controlled from your compatible smart device. They come at a $75 price tag on amazon and have been discontinued by WeMo.  WeMo has not made it clear why the Light Bulbs are discontinued...

Turn Your Dumb House into a Smart Home in 4 EASY Steps!

how to set up a smart home tutorial
Smart home automation has become increasing popular in the last 2 years not just for the cool “Wow” factor but also for the cost savings.  Incorporating technology such as Wi-Fi thermostats and Wi-Fi/Bluetooth controlled lights are among the top energy saving smart devices that are added into a home. Today we are going to go over a few gadgets than will...