Thursday, April 18, 2019

Budget PC vs. Xbox One X

With Microsoft's newest console to be released on November 7th, 2017, The Xbox One X is being advertised as “The World's Most Powerful Console” having an MSRP of only $499. Microsoft is saying that this new console should be able to play the newest titles at 4K with HDR. This is insane considering that the latest attempt for 4K...

Xbox One S – BUY or WAIT for Project Scorpio?

Microsoft Project Scorpio
Xbox One S On August 2 2016 Microsoft released its Xbox One S which it said to have been an upgrade of the previous Xbox one. Bringing in features such as 4k streaming on apps like Netflix, slimming down from its predecessor by 40% and finally one of the best features in my opinion. Which many fans of Xbox delighted...