Cicret Bracelet – Phone Display on Your Arm

cicret bracelet kickstarter

As people are looking to the future for the next best product, I believe I have found one of the shards to the bigger picture.  What you see is the Cicret Bracelet.  At first, it looks very tactile and lame, but trust me, just shake your wrist, it’ll change your life.  Okay, so it might not be the most amazing thing in the world.  Most of us expected something like this in the near future, but really, this started back in 2015!  The company started a Kickstarter fund that has now raised over $500,000!  They project to open the Pre-Orders some time in 2017.  Though there is little information on what this product has in store for us, here is what I gathered.

  • The Cicret Bracelet will be able to be paired up to your favorite mobile device via Bluetooth or will work as a stand-alone device, which way you go is your choice!
  • Some of the components included in the Bracelet are an Accelerometer, Memory Card + ROM, a Processor, Vibrator, Micro USB Port, Battery, Proximity Sensors, Pico-Projector, Bluetooth, WIFI, LED and a Snap Button
  • The projected use for this would be like the everyday phone, though it can be used for Mobile Gaming and Videos, I would not expect 1080p quality in the projector.
  • They plan to produce multiple colors and in two sizes, 16GB or 32GB.


cicret bracelet

Though most of the very detailed questions are yet to be answered, as we speak, they are putting together and working on a prototype and plan to have it released either in 2017 or in early 2018!  The speculated price for regular retailers would be $300 USD, which is actually pretty solid saying that it’s a freaking phone on your wrist!

I believe this is the next best thing in technology, wearable tech!  Watches, Glasses, even freaking jackets!  I believe it was Doc Brown from Back to the Future: P2 that said it better.  “Marty, we’re in the future!”

Keep it tuned to BlackCatGadgets for a full review on the Cicret Bracelet!


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