Easily access the Ubuntu command line in Windows 10 [TUTORIAL]

Have you ever wanted to use the Ubuntu command line but didn’t want to because you would have to use a Virtual Machine or Dual boot? Well, Microsoft has its own solution for that, allowing you to use the Ubuntu command line also known as “bash” directly from Windows 10. If you haven’t so, please update to Windows 10 Anniversary Edition which came out a while back.

  1. Enable Developer Mode on your machine by launching Settings, then opening Updates & Security, then click on the For Developers tab, then you will see the Developer Mode option, then enable that. If its already selected, you don’t have to change it.
  2. Then, search in the Search Bar “Turn Windows features on or off” and open it.

3. Windows will then prompt you to restart, click Restart Now.

4. After logging back in again, search in the Search bar “bash” and open the program.

There you have it! Just set it up and you are all set to use Bash. That is your daily tech lifehack for the 2nd of April.

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