Eletron Keyboard – PENNA – Typewriter Style Keyboard


Eletron is getting quite a hype from tech savvy users around the world, with the latest launching of its keyboard “Penna”, inspired by the retro styling of a type writer.

Macro feature, saving frequently used sentences with multi-pairing system allows remembering of up to 5 devices in support of Windows/Android/iOS.


Keycap options are available between diamond type boasting accuracy for key inputs and chrome type maximizing the retro feeling, both of which employing Cherry switches with accomplishment of the highest quality available in the market.


Praised by enthusiasts for its optimized key arrangement, Penna comes in 4 color variations (Matte Black, Pure White, Baby Pink, Olive Green) as well as an option for special wooden texture, and exclusive keyboard pouch can be purchased separately.


It can be purchased for $79 for super early bird option from Kickstarter starting on April 6th, or $99 for a regular price, or $299 for the wood edition Penna.


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