Facebook launches yet another Snapchat clone

Over the past year, Facebook has shown interest in copying Snapchat. Facebook Live has masks which are a copy of lenses, Instagram stories have geostickers (just like Snapchat) and Instagram has Stories and Whatsapp has Status, you can now add Messenger Day to the list.

Facebook’s CEO, Mark Zuckerburg may have got rejected with his offer to buy Snapchat for $3 million in cash in 2013, but he is back at it again with yet another Snapchat clone. He first copied Snapchat with Instagram Stories in August 2016, then he launched Whatsapp Status in February this year and now Facebook recently launched Messenger Day worldwide.

I had personally tried Messenger Day before it rolled out worldwide and I have to say I’m not impressed.

How does Messenger Day work?

Within the Messenger app, all your friend’s “day’s” are above your conversations in a card labelled with their name. Each card shows each person’s uploaded Day in either photo or video formats. When making your own Day, you take a photo or video within the app or go to your gallery. You have the ability to put text, draw on the image or video and include effects which Messenger calls “special effects”. You can choose from stickers, effects and frames. You can also save the Day to your camera roll. After posting it to your Day, it will stay there for 24 hours, does that sound familiar?

The Snapchat shares have fallen 2.43% while Facebook has gained 0.40% since the launch of Messenger Day.


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