Fitbit Flex Sleep Mode – How To Put Fitbit Flex In Sleep Mode?

fitbit flex sleep mode

How To Put Fitbit Flex In Sleep Mode?

To monitor your sleep by the Fitbit Flex™ monitor, be sure to take it before you go to bed. When sync your monitor Flex by it tomorrow, you can see the statistics of your dream of the last night in the panel.

If you prefer, you can also start or stop the sleep mode manually. Manual mode allows you to add an additional criterion in statistics (the time before you fall asleep), but the results of sleep obtained through manual and automatic methods are the same. How to use the manual sleep mode:

1-Touch the monitor Flex quickly in one to two seconds when you go to sleep.

2- Your Flex will vibrate and will show two lights that ignited and extinguished slowly, which will allow you to know that the sleep mode has been initiated. When sleep mode is activated, the display Flex two blinking lights above alternate below. Don’t forget that you can check the progress of your goal even if the monitor is in sleep mode.

3-  To make until the sleep mode when you wake up, touch your Flex quickly one or two seconds until it starts to vibrate. The five LED lights will light up three times and show a pattern of cyclic movement to confirm the sleep mode is disabled.
Synchronizes your Flex monitor to view statistics of the dream of the last night in the panel.


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