Google Android Nougat Will Get a Refreshed Launcher

Google has brought to Android Nougat a lot of  news. This will be their next operating system and, therefore, they has been preparing him for the perfect launch.

But apparently there’s going to be news to beyond the Android itself. Google will introduce a new version of Google Now. This has already emerged on the Internet and promises a big change.

For the information provided, there are many modifications, especially at the moment of opening the General list of installed applications. Instead of playing the usual central icon with 6 points in the initial screen, the user should make a “swipe” from bottom to top. Instead of the traditional button to view the applications launcher will position, by default, the shortcut to the system settings.

Another of the changes is the Google’s search bar, which is no longer permanently on the screen and to be accessible you have to use a floating button on the home screen, positioned on the left. By touching the button, the search bar back and the user can use it normally. But, pulling the new icon to the right, the launcher shows Google Now.

Occupying the top of the home screen, Google may include a new calendar widget supposedly fixed.

You have to press the screen for a few seconds to display the launcher menu, Google recently for a curious adjustment settings button: you can hide the search button and activate the launcher. Beyond that, the option “Show App Suggestions” suggests that the launcher can show ads of applications in the appliance itself, but it’s still not known whether comes enabled by default.
And now seem to be the most significant of the changes Now Launcher, which according to the folks at Android Police, can still receive some modifications to its final release.


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