How to create your own fonts [TUTORIAL]

Have you ever tried to find the perfect font but you couldn’t find one? Well, have you ever thought of making your own? You probably will think its a good idea but it’d be difficult but you didn’t know that there is a website for that where you can use your handwriting to make a font.

My Script Font is simple to use. Simply, download the .pdf or .png file. Then print it or use a drawing app on your computer / tablet to fill it out. Then, after that simply save it or scan it to your email. Then go their website which is and upload it or add a URL if you uploaded it (e.g. Google Drive or Dropbox), name it and click if you want it to output as a TTF or OTF format and there you have it, your own font!


Well, there you have it. A simple and easy way to create your own font. That is your daily tech life hack for the 13th of April.


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