How to download files faster [TUTORIAL]

Some people complain that their internet connection isn’t good enough to download large files quickly. Actually, this may not be the case. Some browsers, namingly Google Chrome, slow down downloads quite significantly. Well, I know a solution for this and all you have to do is read below for today’s tech life hack.

So, I found this browser called Citrio. It doesn’t steal your information which is an added bonus. It’s faster and more RAM efficient. It has a Chrome user interface to it which is nice because I quite like the Chrome interface (it’s an opinion).

To download it, you can go to their website which is and just click download. You can also see more added features, which quite impressed me.

Well, that is the daily tech life hack for the 11th of April and I totally recommend that you download it.


* This article is not sponsored by any company, and is written in my opinion.


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