How to download offline maps using Google Maps [TUTORIAL]

Some people use apps that cost money that allow to download maps at home so you can get navigation without using your data. You may not know this, but Google Maps can do this, for free! This works on both, smartphones and tablets. If you want to use Maps without using your data, this daily tech lifehack is for you.

This tech lifehack works on both, Android and iOS.

  1. Download Google Maps from your app store (you can skip this step if you already have Google Maps installed on your device)
  2. Tap on the menu button on the top left hand corner and press on “Offline areas”
  3. Tap on the add button on the bottom right corner
  4. Find the area you want to download and fit it into the light rectangle (it will tell you at the top how much space it will consume)
  5. Name your offline area and save it
  6. Let it download away!

When it has finished downloading, you can use Google Maps like you have internet connection.

Your Offline area will expire after 30 days of the download date. When you want to, click the update button and it will renew it by 30 days. Google Maps does this just in case of any changes in roads.

Please note: You cannot get walking, transit and bike directions with the offline area feature.



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