How to use different alias for your Gmail account [TUTORIAL]

Have you ever wanted to know if a company was selling your information when signing up for something online? Well, now you can know without making a new Gmail account.

All you have to do is add a plus and a word before the @ and after your regular email address. For example, say my email was and I was signing up for say Spotify. I would specify my email as, so when I see spam, I can open it and check who they sent it to. It will go to even though it is a different email. Now say I was signing up for eBay. I would specify my email as and so on.  It’s simply a great way to know which company is selling your information.

This trick can extend more than just spam detecting. It can be used for news so you can easily search news and it will come up with all your news subscriptions, sports, work and much much more!


That’s the daily tech lifehack for the 1st of April!


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