iPhone 8 Rumors & Speculations

iPhone 8 leaked

The iPhone 7 line was just released September of last year but that doesn’t mean we
here at BlackCatGadgets aren’t already getting excited for Apple’s next “Big Step”.
The “ Iphone 8” will most likely be coming out sometime during the fall this year just like
the previous versions and will include many innovating upgrades. There is still plenty of
time for changes to be made but this is what we are hoping to see.


New Design

Every so often Apple changes their sleek design of their phones and especially this
year being the 10th Anniversary of the iphone so we can expect Apple to go all out in
this years edition. We may expect some drastic changes to come and we couldn’t be
anymore excited!



It is said that the new high end version of the new iphone will have a OLED screen
rather than the dull LCD screen we have now. It is also said that the phone will come in
5.5 inches and higher. Is it possible we could get a phone size that would put the Iphone
7’s to shame? Only time will tell. With the new phone we can expect higher resolutions
and sharper images. Apple has also been looking into Curved OLED Screens that are
better than Samsung’s Galaxy/Note models.


iphone 8 camera


The iphone 7 plus’ camera was a huge leap forward for Apple it offered Dual 12MP sensors. It also allowed for further zoom without the quality of the picture being affected too much. This years iteration is said to have a similar concept of the 7’s camera but more advanced. Most likely with higher Megapixel Cameras and all the workings fine tuned and perfected. The front facing camera may have better picture quality as well for those looking to pursue their Instagram modeling careers.


Facial Recognition

Goodbye Fingerprint scanner and Hello Facial Recognition! We are not to sure but with
a better front facing camera it may be possible that the Iphone 8 may come with Facial
Recognition. Some people are accustomed to the Fingerprint Print Scanner so swiphone 8 cameraitching to the Facial Recognition may be a weird thing to switch to, so the Facial Recognition may be obsolete but we could be wrong. Maybe Facial Recognition is the future of technology. Using your face to unlock seems like a really cool tool but it may not be very convenient compared to the Fingerprint Scanner.


Home Button

Speaking of the Fingerprint Scanner we can expect the little to no changes in that area.
It may be like the iphone 7’s where it gives off haptic feedback every press rather than a
physical click. The Scanner implemented may be more accurate and precise.


Headphone Jack?

We can kiss the headphone jack goodbye. As the phones get slimmer each year there
needs to be some compromise and unfortunately the Headphone jack is one them.
Apple may be excluding the Headphone jack in order to promote their new Airpods. We
just hope Apple excludes one this time of year.
iphone 8 camera

Battery Life

The battery will get an upgrade as well so we can hope for longer use time and less
overheating. Wireless Charging may become a feature of this new phone and if that’s
true we can see Apple releasing their own brand of Wireless Charging docks. Unlike its
rivals Apple’s batteries don’t explode.



● 3D touch is most likely making a return
● New IOS to come with the phone
● New A11 Processor
● Possibly more colors?
● Higher Storage
● More RAM
● Possibly a different UI



We are super excited to see what Apple has in store for us this year and how they can
change up the game. Apple always manages to keep us interested and waiting for what
they have next. Make sure to stop by our site often for up-to-date news on the latest
Apple products.


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