Jabra Sport Pace – Bluetooth Earbuds [REVIEW]


The Jabra Sport Pace is a Jabra made sport earphone. Let me break it down for you:



The Jabra Sport Pace uses an over ear hook with a in ear tip. The fit is very secure and the ear bud fits in my ear well. They look great with blue accents and a black body. You also can buy the Jabra Sport Pace in yellow and red. The best part of the headphones is the reflective cord.



Jabra has made an impressive sounding headphone, with punchy bass and clear highs. The mids are good and the bass doesn’t muddle at high levels. Overall the Jabra Sport Pace is a bass heavy sport headphone. It isn’t for people that doesn’t need/don’t want bass heavy headphones.



The Jabra Sport Pace uses Bluetooth 4.0 but unfortunately lacks the extra NFC that is used in the Jabra Sport Coach. It has a three switch control with a microphone. The mic sounded clear and crisp from the other end. The three switches consisted of a volume up and down plus a “Multi function” button. A long press on the volume up skips a track while the volume down goes back a track. The Multi Function button lets you pause your music with one press and resume it with another press. A double press redials your last call. A long press turns it off and a long press also turns it on. The least useful feature (for me at least) is the coach button. It lets you get stats from the special Jabra app.



Jabra Sport Life is made for the Jabra Sport line of headphones. Unfortunately because the Jabra sport Pace does not feature the sensors available in the Jabra Sport Coach the app is a bit of a mute point. However the app lets you customize workouts and track your run using GPS. The latter is not very useful when compared to other apps such as Fantastic. Jabra Sport Life offers Fitness Tests but when I opened it up only the Cooper test was available.


Overall the Jabra Sport Pace is a decent headphone with solid sound and good construction and design. I would recommend these headphones to anyone wanting a cheap decent sounding Bluetooth headphone.


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