Jlab Epic2 Bluetooth Earbuds [REVIEW]

Bluetooth earbuds are getting more and more popular because some phones are removing the 3.5mm headphone jack. Are the Epic2 Bluetooth earbuds for you? Find out more about them, below.

What are Jlab Epic2 Bluetooth Earbuds?
Jlab’s Epic2 Bluetooth Earbuds are wireless earbuds that connect via Bluetooth which are designed for working out or anything sporty.


  • Bluetooth 4.0 with AptX and Beacon Signal Technology
  • IPX5 Splashproof and Sweatproof Rating
  • 12 hour battery life
  • 8mm Drivers
  • 15g in weight

What’s included inside the box?

  • Epic2 Bluetooth Earbuds
  • Micro USB cable
  • 4 mini cable management clips
  • Hard case
  • 8 sets of silicone gel tips: Single flange (XS, S, M, L), Double Flange (S, M), Triple Flange (M), Shallow (M)
  • Documents

When you open the box, you always see the design first. Well, I was astonished, the earbuds looked great with the silver JLab Audio logo branding on it which make give them a premium look. The Epic2 earbuds come in 3 different colors which are Black, Blue/Grey and Teal. The earbuds have an in-canal design which fits very comfortably and securely. To help ensure that the earbuds don’t fall out while running, there is a short length of memory wire to form around your ear to fit in properly. It was not hard to find a perfect earbud with the 8 pairs of silicon ear tips included.

There is a 3 button music controller and microphone. The left and right controls the volume with a press and switch songs by clicking and holding it for 2 seconds or more. To power on the device, you need to click and hold the button for 3 seconds and to power off, you need to click and hold for 5 seconds. To answer or hang up calls you have to press on the button while to activate Siri or Google Assistant, you must click and hold for 2 seconds. To turn on Bluetooth pairing mode, you must press and hold the left and right buttons for at least 10 seconds while turned off. If the Epic2 approaches you for a passcode, the passcode is 0000. On the side of the controller, is the Micro USB port to charge the device. The controller is confusing at first, but when you learn what button does what, it is much easier to control music.


Sound Quality
The sound quality is great with the Epic2. It has aptX which with compatible phones will make your sound quality much better than normal Bluetooth. The focus of the Epic2 is obviously bass! The bass is great at high or low volumes. I love it, it probably is my favourite feature!



The Jlab Epic2 Bluetooth Earbuds are probably the best earbuds (wired or not) that I have ever had. I don’t really have much to type here since Jlab has an infographic on their website!


The Jlab Epic2 Bluetooth Earbuds are definitely a bang for its buck at $99 US Dollars. I would definitely consider them if I was looking for Bluetooth earbuds which are perfect for the gym and have good battery life.


You can check this product here: https://www.jlabaudio.com/collections/bluetooth-earbuds/products/epic2-bluetooth-wireless-sport-earbuds?variant=23929662023



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