Kano: The Computer Anyone Can Make!

Kano was started several years ago through Kickstarter. This Kickstarter campaign was used to raise funds to start mass production of the Kano computer kit. This computer kit included a raspberry pi w/ case, a wireless keyboard, a WiFi dongle, a micro USB wire (to power), an HDMI cord, coding books, and an SD card that was pre-programmed with software to teach “Anyone to Code”.  People obviously LOVED this Kickstarter as it raised over $1.5 million! This computer kit was AWESOME! Yes, I do have one that I love using. This kit is an awesome way to teach anyone to code with its built in games and its competitive online programs.

After the raspberry pi kit came the screen kit. The screen kit was built as a way to not only teach people about the computer itself but to teach about how the monitor works. The screen kit was also an awesome way to teach about computers. The screen kit is not only compatible with the computer kit, but also with any HDMI compatible device. The kit has a very sleek design with a built in spot in the back to hold your computer kit. The design also includes a way to use the screen standing up or laying down, to fit your needs. The kit features a 10.1’ LCD HDMI Screen with 3 sets of parental controls for any age to play.

What’s Next from Kano?

The most recent products announced by Kano include the camera kit, speaker kit, and pixel kit. These three kits raised over $600k on kickstarter by under 2,400 backers. These kits have not yet been released to the public although pre-order is now available for the pixel kit.

The pixel kit is supposed to be a simple way to code a light show, or game of pong either by your pc or your computer kit. The next kit on the line up is the speaker kit.

The speaker kit is supposed to be a way for you to code or record any sound you want and be able to play it back by triggering by motion, being set off by a button or started off from your line of code. The kit can be used for almost anything noise related including (but not limited to); a fart machine, a walkie talkie, a noise machine or even a space station radio. The speaker kit is a great way to learn how sound is developed and made. The next all star on the line up is the camera kit.

The camera kit includes the ability to be triggered by motion, button, or of course code. The kit includes a set of LEDs around the lens that can be used as a flash, night vision or many other things. This kit even has the ability to be used as a thermal filter!

Kano has a wide variety of code powered computing devices that can be used in many different ways. Now it’s your turn to try because “Anyone can code”!


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