LG Gram: LG releases its first-ever laptop in the US

LG introduced the new line of notebooks Gram extremely thin and light, competing with the MacBook 2015. On 13 and 14 inch formats, the new South Korean brand computers debut this month in the North American market.

The comparison with the MacBook is inevitable. Both have only half an inch thick with Full HD screen and IPS panel without touch sensitivity, which should ensure a screen much more comfortable to wear, as it eliminates the highly reflective glass present on touch screens used in notebook computers.

LG Gram ports

If the target is the new MacBook, the LG Gram has an advantage on the sleeve: the computer offers several options of expansion ports. There’s HDMI output, USB 3.0 and slot for memory cards microSD. In addition to the low thickness, LG Gram is pretty light. Both versions weigh little more than 900 grams, the same weight of notebook announced this year by Apple. The use of magnesium and other metal alloys on the chassis of the computers also ensures that the device should compete on equal footing with the MacBook, traditionally made of aluminum.

In the 14 inch version, LG offers a computer with Full HD screen and Core i5 and i7 options together with SSDs of 128 and 256 GB. All LG Gram are offered with 8 GB RAM and, according to LG, they must have battery for seven hours of use. There is also the option to purchase a version with the digital to analog converter from Wolfson (DAC), which should guarantee high-quality audio playback.

In the United States, where it is already being marketed, the LG Gram can be found for $ 999, for model with i5 and 14 inches. The version with i7 goes for $ 1,399.


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