MAheadphones AD503 [REVIEW]

When you’re listening to your favorite music, high quality sound is essential for a full and rich experience. It’s often a problem and frustration to use a pair of headphones that don’t come with great sound, high quality features and comfort. If you’ve been searching for a Bluetooth earphones to invest in, you need to read this article about the musicanywhere earphones – The MAheadphones AD503 .
They’re a very good choice among those who seek high fidelity sound, comfort, and full wireless freedom, and the price is very affordable! Thanks to musicanywhere we had the opportunity to test them and write about it.
musicanywhere is a brand that provides luxury audio solutions with affordable price points while focusing on the essential purpose of an audio device: the music listening experience. musicanywhere delivers premium sound quality, sleek designs. When asked about why the brand name was as such, they said this:

MUSIC is considered to be a form of motivation, a source of inspiration, and even a manner to de-stress and to “get away from it all”. ANYWHERE is a reference to the 3 key features of the brand’s products which make both the product and “Music” present with any one, anytime, and anywhere. These features are the Wireless feature, Adaptive Design (active-ready and durable but trendy and stylishly fashionable in design and execution), Affordable Price (easily attainable and available in any retail space). When put together, the letters ICAN is highlighted as anyone with our products can now say: ICAN stay motivated in my workout. ICAN now focus to meet the deadline. ICAN dream and be inspired to create something new.”


musicanywhere offers the neededsound quality to fuel the motivation in a workout, provide the inspiration in a library, or create the entertainment during a commute. The brand is all about being sleek and fashionable for everyday and leisure use and being durable and adaptable to keep pace with an active and on-the-go lifestyle.

musicanywhere products will soon be available all around the globe or you can visit their webstore and get a pair today!

Musicanywhere AD503


Driver Unit: 6 mm micro dynamic
Impedance: 32 Ohms
Frequency response: 20 Hz – 20 KHz
Rated Power: 10 mW
Maximum Input Power: 30 mW
Cable: Flat cable
Battery: 120 mAh (up to 5 hours)
Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.1, aptX, HSP, HFP, A2DP, AVRCP
Microphone: Buttons: Pause, Play, Next, Previous
Others: IPX4 sweat / dust resistance, Certifications: CE, FCC, RoHS
Dimensions: 595 x 12.4 x 34.5 mm
Weight: 15 g
Stunning Look

When it comes to design, the musicanywhere stands out easily against the competitors. Starting with the product box, which calls the attention by the design. The interior is not that great but do the job.

Removing the headphones from the box, we can finally check out the beautiful work that the manufacturer made in the design phase, something that culminated in a device with a stunning look. Who sees this appliance for the first time strange the visual, since he has no wires, but it’s very different form others Bluetooth products.
It is a very impressive earphones because the engineers who planned this product managed to put battery, recharging connector, status LED indicator and even physical buttons on a limited structure — and yet it only weighs 15 grams!


During our tests, these headphones were well resistant and comfortable. In the box, we found several in-ear adapters, extra accessories to provide a better fit in the ears guaranteeing practicality during the practice of physical exercises.

You can run, lift weights and ride a bike without even noticing that the headphones are there. They never fall off and rarely are badly fitted.


Sound Quality and Battery

The general tone is a sound warm, relaxed, where all kinds of music sounds good. Starting at the low end, we have a mid-low quite pronounced, but whose extension is not the best I’ve ever heard. In terms of the voices are also quite good, blending very well also with the low range. Yet the least impressed part with this headphones was their treble, because simply cannot impose on music.
It is a sound that surely pleases everyone and offends no one (a lot of people hate treble pronounced) and which is ideal for gym sessions or simply daily commutes. And for these cases is very superior to several other at similar prices.

We were able to enjoy music for almost 5 hours (which is  close to the number reported by the manufacturer), which is more than enough for those who practice exercises daily. The recharge happens in just under 2 hours, which is great!
The use of this headphones is even simpler with the quick buttons that allow you to turn on (and off, of course), pair, change music, adjust the volume and answer calls.
 You can buy the MAheadphones AD503 for just $49. For this price is impossible to find a better quality bluetooth earphone than this.


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