Microsoft’s Windows 10 Redstone 2 Insider Preview

While we’re still waiting for the birthday’s update for Windows Mobile 10, Windows 10 users that are part of the Windows Insider  program you can download the first update of update package known as Redstone 2. The new build is 14901 and is now available for download for those who chose the option “Fast Ring.”

Before talking about the news of this new build, we need to comment some things said by the Lady Sakar, leader of the Windows Insider program, in the post of announcement of this build.

Where is the Windows Mobile 10 birthday’s update?
According to her, his team is focused on the releasing the Windows Mobile 10 birthday’s updated  and this should occur within the next week. The same goes for this build insider for the mobile version of the system.
Why the delay on the new builds realease?
At this point the development team at Microsoft is working on the “deeper” software, especially with regard to the “Heart” of the OneCore project, which for those who don’t know, is the name assigned to the entire project of universalizing the Windows 10, who now shares his source code with all devices that use Windows 10, are they: PCs, Tablets, Smartphones, HoloLens, Surface Hub, IoT Devices (internet of things) and also the Xbox One. So, in the coming months we can find builds which aim to fix several bugs in this “heart” in order to consolidate all project.
What’s new in this build?
Improvements in educational information system: as part of an effort to explore new ways to educate users about the new features in Windows, they’re testing 10 new notifications in file Explorer. These notifications are designed to help everyone, providing quick and easy information about things that we can do or new features that we can experience on Windows 10. If you do not want to receive these notifications, clear the option next File Explorer.
Known issues with this build:
  • Support for kernel debugging on 1394 was removed, but will be available in a next version. A work-around will be sent to the Debugging Tools for Windows Blog.
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader will fail when you try to start it.


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