Nintendo Switch – Worth it or Not?


Nintendo has the world’s best portable gaming consoles. In 1980 Nintendo launched its first handheld gaming consoles called Game & Watch. After that Nintendo never stopped to develop new consoles with new features. Now in 2017 Nintendo has launched a new console Nintendo Switch which is AWESOME…Why? Let’s get into it!

Nintendo Switch is a special kind of gaming console because you can physically remove the D-pad from it. It’s like a wireless controller which gives new experience to the consumer. So the Nintendo Switch consists of two Joy-Cons controllers, Console and switch dock. So the main unit is the switch which is battery powered tablet like monitor that have LCD display 6.2 inch with the resolution of 720p. The console also includes a 3.5 mm headphone jack, a USB-C port charging on the bottom while out of the dock. The Switch also has a slot for Game cards and micro SD for the external storage. It has rail on both sides, into which Joy-Con controller can slide in and out anytime anywhere.


Dock is used when you want to play the game on television for that you just need to place the Console with or without the joy-con attached to it on to the Switch Dock, connect to a television via HDMI cable for video/audio output AND you ready to go. With dock, the console can support resolution up to 1080p at 60 Frame per second. Which take the gaming experience to the next level .


Joy-Con is the Nintendo Switch controllers specifically Joy-Con L and Joy-Con R. there controller can be used in four ways. Attached to the Console via the side rails and used by a single player separately in each hand. A Console for single player can support up to eight connections. The grip is used to take joy-cons slide into it and can be used as a normal controller like ps4 or Xbox controllers.



The Nintendo Switch battery life is very low is last for only three to four hours if you doing some serious gaming. So thanks to Nintendo new features of switch once it’s the battery gets low enough it will enter a suspended safe state mode. The switch only comes with internal storage of 32GB but if buy game cards rather that download to from shop its won’t be a big problem for you. The game library for switch is pretty small which is not bad for a launch.

Well switch is so easily adaptable to so many different situations that is really awesome and game library will growth including some more strong/ action games that Nintendo is famous for. Overall, I think that switch is worth every penny!


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