Play old school games through your Mac Terminal [TUTORIAL]

Did you know you can play Tetris on your Mac? You’re probably thinking, “Yeah, its in the Mac Store”. But did you know Tetris is built-in your Mac? In fact, if you know all about Emacs (we’ll talk about that later), you can be playing retro games such as snake and pong?

Can I really play retro games through my Mac’s terminal?

Yes you can. In this tech lifehack, I’ll explain to you how to play games like this.


Step 1: Launch Terminal

Open Terminal by Spotlight Searching “Terminal”. Pretty easy, huh?

Step 2: Type in “emacs” into the terminal and press enter

Step 3: Opening Tetris

After pressing on the enter key, you should get this screen.

Now click the escape key to get to this screen.

After seeing this screen, press the letter x on your keyboard.  

Then, simply type “tetris” and that’s it!

To play other games such as snake and pong, simply follow the same steps but when you are supposed to type tetris type in “snake or “pong”, respectively.

You can find the full list of games and their files at this location;


That’s your daily tech lifehack for the 28th of March.


What is your favourite game in Emacs? Please comment below to let us know!


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