Rhino Shield Crash Guard Bumper Case [REVIEW]


The Rhino Shield Crash Guard Bumper case is a minimalistic bumper case that is available in 14 different colors. It is thin and does not add additional bulk or weight to the phone. The power and volume buttons are still very easy to press and the silence switch is easily assessable. This is the same with the Lightning port and headphone jack. It is made from an easy to grip material so you are less likely to drop your phone. The case is easy to install and also simple to remove.

Drop Resistance and Protection

The Rhino Shield Bumper case has Shock Spread™ technology built in and is rated to absorb impacts of at least at 11 feet or 3.3-meter drop. It has a protective honeycomb structure that gives the case an additional 10% of impact absorption. It is made from a custom formulated polymer and this is responsible for 90% of the cases impact absorbing capacity. 3.3 meters is very high and you will most likely never drop your phone from this height but this meant that you can quite literally throw your phone around without it getting damaged. Drop resistance and protection are two of the most important parts about a good phone case and it is very good that the Rhino Shield Bumper case is very good at doing these things.

Pricing and availability

The Rhino Shield Crash Guard Bumper Case sells for only $24.99 and is available for all iPhones above and including the iPhone 5. It is also available for most Android phones including the Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+, Google Pixel, One Plus 5 and many more. It is available to buy here.

My Personal Experience

I have had mixed results with this case. I have dropped my phone many times with this case on (Some intentionally for testing and others by accident) All of the drops except from one my phone has not had any damage. My phone screen has been fine when dropped but once I dropped it and my phone received a small dent on the rear shell. I believe that I dropped it on gravel or there was a small stone where I dropped it.  The screen of my phone has also cracked while having this bumper case on my phone, but this was not from a drop and this happened from my keys hitting against something and then the point of my key hit the screen of my phone, causing it to crack. This is only avoidable by using a flip case that covers the screen of your phone while it is not in use.

Final Thoughts

I personally think that the Rhino Shield Crash Guard Bumper case is a very good case that sells for only $24.99 and has such good drop resistance and durability. I would personally recommend this case and think that it is a very good solution if you don’t like big and bulky cases but tend to drop your phone a lot so would like some good protection.


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