Should You Buy The iPhone 8 or Wait For The iPhone X?

On September 12, 2017 Apple released a total of 2 mobile phones, the iPhone 8, and the all new iPhone X. We all knew the gist of what this iPhone X would look like due to the screen barrier being leaked in the homepod code. We also got multiple mock ups that were given to case and screen protector manufacturers. Nevertheless, we were all excited to see this new product to be showed on stage in working order, but the question remains. Which iPhone is the best iPhone for your money. Join us in the adventure into finding which of Apple’s newest mobile devices are actually best.

Price, Storage, Processor

So Apple release 2 models of iPhones on the 12th, an iPhone 8 and an iPhone X. With this Apple continues the tradition of having a plus model for the iPhone 8, but no iPhone X plus. All the iPhone models come in two storage flavors 64gb and 256gb. The iPhone 8 costs $699 for the 64gb model and $849 for the 256gb model. The iPhone 8 plus costs $799 for the 64gb model and $949 for the 256gb model. The iPhone X costs $999 for the 64gb model and $1,149 for the 256gb model. Besides the amount of storage per model and the iPhone X’s new OLED screen,, what is the actual hardware difference between spending $699 for the base model of the iPhone 8 to the long awaited iPhone X. The answer is nothing! All models of the newest generation of iPhones have the exact same A11 Bionic processor with the M11 motion coprocessor with the same neural engine.


What about the cameras? The iPhone 8 Plus has the exact same camera as the iPhone X with the exception of the telephoto lens of the iPhone 8 Plus’s have an aperture of ƒ/2.8 instead of the iPhone X’s telephotos lens being ƒ/2.4 aperture. Well what about the iPhone 8’s camera? Well the truth is that the iPhone 8’s camera is almost identical to its brothers models. The only difference is the zoom is only 5x and there is only a single lense. It also doesn’t have the portrait modes and Apple’s all new Portrait Lighting. So in conclusion you won’t be missing out on any breath taking shots if you buy any of the iPhones that Apple has released, but if you want the best for your buck, the iPhone 8 Plus is the iPhone for you. The difference starts to show in the front facing camera though. All of the front facing cameras have 7MP camera with retina flash and body and face detection, auto HDR, and auto stabilization. Where things change is the iPhone X facial tracking which allows portrait mode and portrait lighting with the front facing camera! This new facial tracking also helps with the cringe Animojis.

Should You Wait?

“But i’m gonna wait for the iPhone X.” This is what you hear from many of Apple’s fans, because apple has a way of making the iPhone X look like something that’s dramatically different from its cheaper counterparts. Which in reality the only thing that’s different from the iPhone 8 and iPhone X are the screens and the camera orientation. As you all know the iPhone X has a ground breaking design (for apple anyways) removing all the bezels on the screen and making it more or less an edge to edge screen, except for the notch on the top which houses the front facing camera and the respectable sensors that Apple needs for its Face ID.

Final Thoughts

At the end of all this, let’s answer our initial question. Which iPhone Is The Best iPhone For The Price? Even though the iPhone X is breathtaking, is it the best for your buck? No it’s not, through all of the research and comparing the iPhone 8 Plus is the best bang for your buck. With its new generation inspired design, it carries virtually all the same technology from its brother the iPhone X but for 200$ less.


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