Sony Xperia XZ Premium [INSIDE SCOOP]

Mobile World Congress 2017 is going on and Sony introduced its new smartphone Xperia XZ Premium and Xperia XZs. That means Sony decided to extend its XZ line! The difference  between these smartphone are as you can see in the picture the SIZE! So after looking at the picture every ONE thing that Sony Xperia XZs is mini phone. But Sony made this phone for consumer who prefers smaller size phones. The Xperia XZs features a 5.2 inch with 1080p Triluminos display. Meanwhile, the Xperia XZ Premium not behind with 5.5 inch 4K HDR display which actually AWESOME!!.

So by looking at the display’ of both the phone we can say that Xperia XZ is mini. But not in display also in specs as comparison to the Xperia XZ Premium. The Xperia XZs features Snapdragon 820 chipset with 4GB of RAM. Whereas on Xperia XZ Premium has newest  Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 835 chipset with 4GB and better water resistance and its design.

Other than the Specs the Sony Xperia XZ Premium having 4K HDR screen the first smartphone even not Samsung Galaxy S8.With the Resolution of 3840 x 2160 ( 801 ppi pixel density ). Its looks good on paper but in terms of resolution, it will interesting to see that how consumer will like it.

As it’s 2017 every smartphones company paying attention to camera, So as Sony in these Phones. Both Phones shared same camera specs with 19MP 1/2.3″ Exmor RS sensor with triple image senses and SlowMo at 960 FPS HD (NOT FULL HD).These camera also handles superior low-light Pictures.


Beyond the camera Sony enable the phone battery optimizations which will do things like preventing them  to over charge when left unplugged it overnight. Speaking of power Sony Xperia XZ Premium is no doubt having the first Smartphone to have Snapdragon 835 processor chipset. On the other hand Sony Xperia XZs having snapdragon 820 processor chipset. In the terms of performance both the smartphone will equally handles all the basic tasks. But I bet that the Sony Xperia XZ Premium won’t disappoint you on the gaming performance.


Comes of their designs, Both the Phones shared the similar design that Sony known for. The awesome thing comes on the Xperia XZ Premium with its shiny mirror on the back of the phone. It look nice but after handling it’s for a while it just a magnet for fingerprints. Meanwhile on Xperia XZs features a matte finish which make feel good in hand complete opposite of its sibling.

Knowing the dates the Sony Xperia XZs arrive in US on amazon and best buy beginning on April 5th, 2017 with the expected price of $699.99. I know that a lot of money but pretty much shared the specs of the other flagship phones today. On the other hand the Sony Xperia XZ Premium will be a little be stock for you at north of $700. Now that’s the very least, but we have wait and watch until it arrive in the US in late spring.


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