Stop trying to buy Congress’s web history!

The new laws regarding ISPs selling data have changed in America. Privacy advocates are furious because ISPs can now use your data for advertising. The rules were in place to stop companies like Verizon from using and selling customer data.

A few people had the bright idea of “Why shouldn’t we buy Congress’s internet search history?” and a few took it to crowdfunding. Multiple pages are now set up but with one massive flaw. You can’t buy individual data. The Telecommunications act prohibits the sharing of “individually identifiable data”. Individual’s search history is pretty clearly “individually identifiable data”. Put simply, you can’t buy Paul Ryan’s search history and all of the juicy information that comes with it. Although anyone in America can almost be certain that they will start seeing more targeted ads.

This isn’t to say that these new laws are not an issue-they are. Read more about that here!


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