Top 5 Mac Programs

**We are not sponsored or affiliated with any of these companies.**


Duet is a great mac tool that helps with productivity and getting things song on the go. It allows you to plug your iPad into your computer and use it as a second screen. This is really helpful if you are traveling or not by your second monitor. You can also use the iPad touch screen to control anything on that screen. I use this program the most out of anything on my computer.

Memory Clean 2

Memory Clean 2 is a great tool to clean and free up some RAM (Random Access Memory). This helps speed up your computer. It shows how much RAM is being used at that time. It also shows what programs are using a lot of RAM. I run this about mid-way through my day or whenever my computer tends to get slow trough out the day.




This program cleans temporary, and junk files off of your computer and cleans up a lot of space. This is a great tool to clean up a lot of space or to speed up your computer. I run this about once a week to keep my computer clean and get the best performance out of it.



This app allows you to snap a program to the side or corner. This is great for multitasking and an easy way to resize your windows. If you want it to take up all of the screen but not in full screen mode just drag the window to the top. This gives you the functionality that windows computers have when you drag a window to the side, top, or one of the corners. This is nice to have running in the background as you never know when you will need it.


Controls +

This app allows you to change your brightness, wallpaper, start your screen saver, control your music, timers, and more. It is great to click it and for it to have a small dropdown to change your music while doing something else on your computer. This is nice to have running whenever you are listening to music.


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