Two Major FLAWS in the iPhone X

Flaw #1

The iPhone X has been out for just over a week, the highly anticipated device that a lot of the consumer base has been waiting for may have a problem with one of the phones defining features. The screen. A vertical green line has been showing up on user’s phones, across the Samsung OLED.

It has been dubbed the ‘green line of death’. The same problem was also seen in the Samsung Galaxy S7, which leads on to the theory that this is a hardware fault. According to TechCrunch this problem has come from an electrical fault that only directly effects the phone’s display pixels.

If the ‘green line of death’ is effecting you then apple will replace your units free of charge according to customers who have gotten into contact with Apple, though it’s hard to say how many have been affected just yet. This story will soon unravel as the winter months are upon us, and we may find out that hundreds of thousands are affected by this issue… and another.

Flaw #2

This is coupled with the cold weather issues that Apple have had with the phone at launch where the screen becomes unresponsive between -2° to 5° Celsius (28° to 41° Fahrenheit). This being said apple is trying to rectify this problem with an update coming soon, though other users have reported seeing an unresponsive screen outside of these cold temperatures. We should know more how widespread this issue is.

There might be teething problems with any new phone release, but with Apples new iPhone X this might be too much bearing in mind it costs $1000 or £1000, it’s a bit much to ask from the consumer. 

All I can say it at least the battery isn’t explosive.


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