TYLT FLIPSTICK – Portable Power Pack [REVIEW]



The design is great with the attached USB charging cable and attached cable for you phone it saves time and you never have to worry about carrying chargers around.. It has an amazing mate feeling.The only downside it is it awkward to have plugged into your phone and to be using it. The lipstick comes in blue, white, and brown. This is the best looking power bank I have used except for how the USB makes a loop which I am scared to hook to anything so it makes that part useless to me.

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The flipstick comes with either a micro-usb, lighting, and type c connector (depending what you choose at checkout.) The LED battery gauge is very nice so you know when it is time to charge your flipstick! It outputs 1amp of power according to TYLT. I had no way to test it but is it about the same charging speeds as any other power bank I have used.


The flipstick has a 3350mAh battery capacity. Depending on your phone’s battery capacity you should get 1-2 full charges. The flip stick charges in a couple hours. I usually lug it in when I go to bed and grab it with my phone in the morning. I get about 2 charges with it with my iPhone 6 Plus.

Final Overview

I think that this is a great product and if you are in the market for a nice portable charger you should look into picking one up. You can pick up one here once they are released. The flipstick is reasonably priced at $30-$40 (depending on the charger type) for what you get and not having to worry about having cables with you to charge your phone makes it worth it. This will b replacing my 20,000mAh power bank because of how simple it is and how I never have to worry about cords. If you are looking to charge your tablet or USB C laptop I would recommend a power bank with more capacity.


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