Upgrade to the New Macbook Pro? Or Wait?

Macbook Pro 2016

Apple’s recent overhaul to the MacBook Pro has a lot of people asking that big question again; should I upgrade or wait? The most recent update to Apple’s lineup of premium laptops saw some pretty major improvements: The most obvious being the touch bar (optional upgrade) and new color options, with further upgrades to the graphics card, Intel Skylake processors, brightness, screen color gamut, bluetooth technology, and a lack of standard ports. So, the question then is, is that worth it?

Well, it depends on you, if you have an older MacBook and need an upgrade, this is a great option. But if you’re like me, and have the more recent MacBook with the retina display, is this newest generation worth the $$$$? I would say a cautious yes.

macbook pro touchbar
With that being said, there are rumors that Apple’s next generation of MacBooks will come with some more satisfying upgrades. Currently, Apple is using its ARM chips in almost all of its devices, your iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, iPod touch, etc. all run on ARM chips. There’s even an ARM chip in the newest MacBook Pro. It’s the chip that drives the Touch ID and secure enclave that stores your personal information (like your fingerprint) and keychain.

macbook pro a10 fusion chip

According to Bloomberg’s recent report, Apple is considering expanding the functions of the ARM processor currently named T1. This expanded function would allow the processor to work in tandem with the Intel processors, moving some of the workload off of the Intel processors. Features such as Power Nap (introduced in 2012) and possibly Wi-Fi networking could be moved over to the new chip, possibly codenamed T310. It’s highly unlikely that Apple will be throwing Intel out anytime soon. Sticking with Intel still makes sense, but Apple could be gradually moving over to chips they have researched and designed. And while the Touch Bar is an intriguing addition to the MacBook Pro, it’s just the tip of the iceberg. Apple could be planning some major updates for the MacBook line in the future. So, upgrade or not?

I would say that if you’re like me and don’t like the idea of a touchscreen laptop, the newest addition to the MacBook Pro family is a great choice. And while there’s no indication currently that the next MacBook will have a touchscreen, it is fairly certain that in the near future Apple will be transitioning over to touchscreen’s for its laptops. But if you’re the type that thinks a touchscreen on a MacBook is the best thing to hit the market, its probably worth the wait to upgrade.


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