VESEL iPhone Case [REVIEW]


The VESEL iPhone case has an amazing feel with the aluminum top and bottom and the wood finish in the sides. Also, the very limited branding makes it look very sleek. With the many wood and aluminum colors you can customize the case to match your phone to look great. The open back shows off the color of the phone you chose and does not cover up the amazing feel of a iPhone without a case while giving it more support in the hands and adds more grip.


The case allows you to use everything including all of the buttons very well except for the small headphone and charger ports. The only headphones and charger I have that work are the apple ones. But other than that it is a great device and if you are like me you always use bluetooth headphones then I would definitely recommend this case.


The case does not seem that durable. I have not dropped it but I have set it upside down on desks and my tempered glass has some scratches. I think if I didn’t have the tempered glass and the surface was flat that you would not have any issues with scratching. This case is made for more of a luxury look than a durable case. The case does not snap on so it will not snap off. To put the case on or off you need to use the included screwdriver.


The case is on the expensive side but all of the cases are hand finished and very well made.

Final Thoughts

I think that this case is very well made and I think that it has the luxury feeling that it is going for and it looks great. Even though it is expensive it is a very well made case with an amazing wood feeling. My favorite part of the case it still being able to hold my phone and feel the back of my phone with some extra grip.


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