Watch Star Wars IV in Terminal (Windows and Mac OS) [TUTORIAL]

Have you ever wanted to watch Star Wars in your Terminal? Well this is your chance to, with this awesome tech lifehack.

Mac OS

  1. Firstly, Spotlight Search for Terminal and open it.
  2. Then, type in “telnet

3. Then, Star Wars away!Windows 

Windows is a bit more complicated to set up Star Wars in Command Prompt but it is still easy!

  1. Search for Programs and Features and click on it
  2. Then click on Turn Windows features on or off                        
  3. Then scroll down until you find Telnet Client and tick it (if it is already ticked, leave it ticked)

4. After that, click OK, go to the search menu and search CMD and open it.

5. After you have opened Command Prompt, then type in “telnet” and you will be greeted with this interface.

6. You then type “o” and then press enter and then type “” and then press enter, just like this.

7. Then, Star Wars away!

That is your tech lifehack for the 25th of March.

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