Water Drink Reminder

Water Drink Reminder is a mobile app that aims to give a little help for you to remember to drink water regularly. The app indicates the amount of liquid you need to ingest daily and alerts you when it’s time to.

Even those who do not practice physical activities routinely or comes down hard on the workout needs to get right so much water to maintain health. To help forgotten on call to do this action a habit, the program calculates how much water you need and use your cell phone to trigger reminders about the hydration.

To generate a custom worksheet for each user, already sharing and planning sessions daily hydration and also to month, the software requires only that you enter data such as age, weight and your sleep schedule – simply add the time you usually lie down and get up.

Once everything is set up – including the capacity of the glass that you usually use – drink water-Water Drink Reminder features a target and alert the user whenever it’s time to SIP. The app also offers a history of beverages consumed, detailed graphics of your performance and even a weight loss report.

Bringing a little more utility to smartphones, Water Drink Reminder is an application  for those who want to do routine hydration a habit. With the utility, you can keep up to date with the liquid consumption even if you have a busy life in the Office or spending all day in the street.

Let’s face it: whether you’re a “Gym Rat”, or a sedentary in this big world, not always the hustle and bustle of everyday life allows it to be possible to achieve the goal of daily water consumption – calculated to keep the body working 100%. Fortunately, programs like this allow you to stay a little more easy to integrate this practice on our routine.

Water Drink Reminder calls attention by the simplicity with which you can configure and use its services, even for beginners of the mobile universe. On the initial screen of the software, enter your age, your weight, and the usual time to sleep and wake up to a full schedule of hydration is completely automatic – customized to your needs.

From there, it is only necessary to comply with the alerts created by the app, which usually prompts the user every hour about the amount of water to be ingested. Yes, it takes a bit of willpower, at least initially, to check the reminder and drink both indicated rather than activate the function “Snooze” – which leaves the drink for later. After all, the application will not turn over the glass in your mouth.

If you want to customize some hydration plan data, without problems, since Water Drink Reminder offers all kinds of tool for advanced users. If you want, for example, it is possible to touch the target indicator and check the Weather or sports, boxes that warn the program of higher temperature conditions or exercise, increasing the day goals.

Other possible configuration involve the appearance and the storage capacity of the container that you use to drink, complete customization of the notifications – with several options of sounds, vibrations, time and LEDs on the smartphone – and changes in weight. The app also allows you to check your commitment through logs and charts in addition to displaying a table that shows whether you’re losing weight throughout this process.

You can download the app here:
Water Drink Reminder – Google Play
Water Drink Reminder Pro – AndroidApkFiles.com




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