Apple has been known for a great lineup of products. But this doesn’t mean Apple have not made any mistakes. There have been a lot of a mistakes and we are gonna discuss some of the most common and important ones.

  1. The Mac Pro: There is no denying that Apple has made a blunder by creating a Pro product which looks like a trash can. The Mac Pro is Apple’s most powerful piece of hardware that can easily handle professional work but has got limitations like no upgrade ability, no updates by Apple and no expansions. The Apple CEO, Tim Cook, himself admitted that it was a very serious design failure and that Apple would work upon it ASAP. This year’s WWDC might see a spec bump from the Mac Pro, but  by next year we might see a whole new design. Apple also said that the new Mac Pro will have better performance better graphics and new expandabilty options. This might not bother many of you but it is definitely good news for the developer and the tech community.
  2. The iPhone 7: While the idea of removing the headphone jack was pretty futuristic, apple made Airpods to overcome the problem. But where are the Airpods? In many countries, you cannot purchase them from shops. So everytime i try to use my Sony headphones, I have to carry the Lighting to AUX cable with me. While the iPhone 7 has A10 Fusion chip is fast, the iPhone 6s is fast too. I do not see any difference in their performance. A wider color gamut? Oh, I can make my peace with the normal color gamut rather than paying a huge extra amount. A slightly better camera? The iPhone 6s has a pretty good camera too. Seriously, give us a reason to buy your products. For example, The Macbook Air has a freaking 12 hour battery life, awesome performance and what not. I happily spent my money on that and there has been no day that made me regret it.
  3. The iPad pro and Apple pencil: Now the two individual devices are simply awesome. But when you have to pair the pencil you need to dock it into the lightening connector of the iPad which makes the process extremely easy and i really appreciate it, but doesnt it seem weird. Seriously look at the picture. What if it gets knocked taking away with the lightening connector. The whole idea was intelligent but ruins the design may i say…
  4. The Magic Mouse 2: No one on earth I guess would be happy with how that thing charges. And what if you wanna use it while charging? I am sorry to say but you can’t. Dear Apple, putting the lightening connector in front would not ruin the design of your mouse. And if it bothers that much to you, just cover it with a flap.

To sum up I would just like to say that Apple should not just compete with others but also maintain their position on the market that Steve Jobs built. Take into consideration what people need and what is going to be useful, rather than blindly incorporating stupid stuff in your devices like Samsung(of course i am talking of Bixby).


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