WWDC17 Recap – Everything Announced

Yesterday the World Wide Developer Conference 2017 was held by Apple and there were 6 very big updates that were made. Apple says it was the best and biggest WWDC ever.

1. tvOS

Amazon Prime instant video is coming to the Apple TV and all of the shows will be available to watch on the Apple TV

2. Apple Watch

WatchOS 4

There are three new types of watch faces. There is a brand new Siri watch face, it shows you only information that is relevant to you and you can easily access Siri. The new Kaleidoscope face works by choosing a photo and then the colours from the photo are turned into a Kaleidoscope. Toy Story watch faces bringing 3 toy story characters to the watch face with an animation every time you raise our wrist. There is a new Activity app that brings monthly challenges and they can be achieved as they are similar to what you have done in the previous month. There are also new animations when you close your rings or complete an achievement. There is a new user interface in the workout app and the pool swim has been improved so when you stop at the end of the pool it detects that and pauses the workout and splits your workout and shows where you have stopped. If you want to do more than one workout you can just slide along and add another workout and then do more than one workout continuously. You can now sync your Watch with Gym equipment and it can sync all of your data that your watch might not record you the gym equipment can. There is a new music app and this is updated with what you listen to on your phone you don’t have to sync the music every time.

3. Mac


The new MacOS is called High Sierra and there are lots of new refinements. Safari is the world’s fastest browser in High Sierra. There are some new features in Safari. These are; auto play blocking and Intelligent Tracking prevention. There are also refinements in mail and these are; Split view for the compose window and your inbox and it uses 35% less disk space to store your mail. The new photos app has lots of new features, these are; photo imports in chronological order, you can filter what types of photos you can see (Favourites, edited photos…). Faces has been improved and now recognises lots more faces. The editing process is now a lot easier and new features like curves and selective colour.

The HSF file system has been used for over 30 years and now the APFS (Apple File System) is standard on all devices. It is safe and secure and ultra-responsive. The H.265 High-efficiency Video coding is now in High Sierra and has 40% better compression than H.264. It is Final cut and more Professional programs. Metal 2 was announced and has up to 10x better draw call throughput. Metal is not only used for graphics performance but also machine learning. There is now Metal for external graphics so you can add an external GPU’s to you MacBook Pro. Metal for VR is in High Sierra and Vr can now be used on Mac. Using Final Cut Pro X you can edit video inside of a VR environment using your Mac.

Mac Hardware

There are all new iMacs and on all of them there are; 500 nit displays that are 43% brighter, one billion color’s, all CPU’s moving to Intel’s new 7th-gen Kaby Lake processors, higher memory capacity (up to 32Gb on 21.5″ and 64GG on 27″ models), fusion drives on all 27″ models up to 50% faster SSD’s with up to 2TB capacity, they are all getting an IO upgrade with 2 thunderbolt 3 USB C ports. There is now the first 4K iMac for only $1299. There are also new MacBook’s. These have Kaby Lake processors and 50% faster SSD’s. The 13″ MacBook Pro without Touch Bar is now down to $1299 and this is the same as the 12″ MacBook. These are all shipping now.

iMac Pro

There is an all new iMac and this a professional machine that is in a Space Grey finish. It will be the most powerful Mac Apple have ever made. It had an 8-Core 10-Core or 18-Core Xeon processor. It has AMD Radeon Vega Graphics with up to 16GBVRam and up to 11 Teraflops single precision compute power or up to 22 Teraflops or Half precision compute power. You can also have up to 128GB of ECC memory and up to 4TB of SSD space. The base model is $4999 and available in December

4. iOS 11

Messages: There is a redesigned app drawer, messages stored in iCloud so you conversations sync between all of your devices.

Apple Pay: Apple Pay can now be used for person to person payments integrated into iMessage.

Siri: Siri’s voice has been upgraded and sounds like humans. It can show multiple results as well. As a Beta feature, Siri can translate from your voice without having to unlock your phone.

Camera: The new HEVC compression can now be used for videos and has 2X better compression. JPEG’s are now also in the HEIF format and also has 2X better compression.

Photos: There are new live photo features in the photos app and these are; trim, key photo selection, mute, loop, bounce and Long Exposure.

Control Centre: It is now one single page and a brand new look. It is customizable and you can use 3D touch to get even more info from the control centre.

Maps: Malls have detailed floor plans so you know what shops are there and where they are. This is the same in airports. In Navigation, you can see your speed limit and there is lane guidance so you know what lane to be in.

Do not Disturb: There is a new feature called Do not disturb while driving. This detects that you are moving and then activates Do not disturb while driving. You can also disable this feature if you are a passenger. There are automated message responses that tell the person sending a message that notifications are not enabled but you can also mark a message as urgent if it needs to be seen.

Home Kit: Speakers have been added to Home Kit and you can access speakers through air play 2 and can setup multi room audio through iOS

Music: You can now find out what your friends have been listening to and you can listen to it as well.

App Store: The App Store has a brand new user interface and has been completely re-designed. The app store home screen is now called today and shows you brand new apps. There is now a dedicated page for games and this shows you the most popular games being played at that time. Apps also have their own page and this is the same as games, just for apps, not games.

iOS 11 is available this Fall for free with most devices.

5. iPad

There is an all new 10.5″ iPad Pro and the screen is 20% larger than the old one. It is the perfect size to display a full size on screen keyboard. Both sizes are getting upgraded displays and these have; True tone display, Wide colour Gamut, ultralow reflectivity, 600 nits brightness and HDR video. The iPad Pro has a 120Hz refresh rate and this adjusts to what you are looking at to save battery. This makes it work much better with the Apple Pencil with 20ms latency. It has an A10X Fusion Chip and this is a Six-Core CPU and a Twelve-Core GPU. It has a 10-hour battery life. It has the same camera as the iPhone 7, so it is 12MP with 4K video. The front camera is also the same as the iPhone 7 and is a 7MP FaceTime HD Camera. All of these features are in both the 10.5″ and 12.9″ models.

There are brand new features exclusively for iPad in iOS 11. It starts with the dock, you can fill the dock with as many apps as you want and it is accessible even when you are in an app. You can pull an app up from the dock and then use it alongside the app you were in before. Drag and Drop is now on the iPad also. There is also a new app called Files and this show’s you all of the files you have stored on your iPad or in iCloud drive. It also supports apps like Dropbox and Google Drive. Notes has a built-in scanner to scan documents on paper and then you can use the new markup feature to draw directly onto PDF’s and other documents on your iPad with your Apple Pencil.

6. HomePod

The Home Pod is going to re-invent music in your house. The Home Pod is just under 7″ tall. It has 7 tweeters, precision acoustic horns, directional control, 4″ Apple designed woofer, automatic bass equalisation and dynamic modelling. This is all controlled by an Apple A8 Chip. It adjusts to the environment and changes the audio to better suit your room. It has a 6 microphone array and as soon as you say “Hey Siri” a light on the top lights up as you can ask Siri to play the music you have in Apple Music. You can also use it as a home assistant so you can do most things Siri can do on your phone. It is available for $349 and starts shipping in December in the U.S., U.K. and Australia.


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